About us

Anachromic share an old and vintage photographs collection coming from E.Wilfried Soullier and carefully stored since 3 generations by his family. The quality of Glass photographic plates are incredible. Pictures were taken between 1895 and 1920. After restore of these photographs we can obtain enlarged print with high quality and définition. Ste by step, Anachromic website, will be enrich by new pictures taken in France, in Europe and in other amazing places. Let discover impressive pictures from Paris, some perspectives and buldings from Paris today destroyed, also rural landscape and a « Creative Corner ».

The best old and vintage photographs for a premium decoration

About Copyrights

Any pictures presented on this Anachromic webiste are exclusive property of his legal owner : Pierre-Marie Soullier

Any copy is stricly forbiden, except writen autorisation delivered by the legal owner.

A copyright is attached to each photograph and picture.

All pictures available in this website have a Copyright Tag : (Watermark). Prints sales after ordering do not have this Tag. However any copy is authorised.

Premium old and vintage photographs.

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