About Anachromic pictures

Old premium photographs you will find on this site, came from very High quality glass photographic plates.

These masters are scanned ( 9600 dpi scanner) then edited, with carefull respect of original quality.

On many Old and Vintage Photographs websites, You will find pictures coming from paper print, the worst is when originals are postal cards.

Except within « Creative Corner », on Anachromic Website, there is no pictures editing and treatement to deliver a vintage effect. Such effect are created on computers to increase the « noise » or to create an « halo » effect at picture edge.

In the past, some pictures can have such « Halo » effect, because camera lens didn’t provide a homogenous light restitution on the film. Picture A

An other type of « halo » could came from issues during paper impression, (lake of homogenous light) or due to silver halide or UV aging effect. Picture B

Cameras and technics held by E. Wilfied Soullier allow us to keep pictures you can see and order on Anachromic website. An extraordinary quality !

Main of the time, photographs schown on Anachromic website are in Black and White and sometime in Sepia-toned. However, you can choose the tone when you are ordering.

Caution !, All Anachromic pictures and photographs are protected by « watermark », and copyright. If you order a print, of course, this watermark does not appear.

Welcome and enjoy your Anachromic journey !

Premium old and vintage photographs.

bois boulogne HDVintageNoir200

Image A

bois boulogne HDVignet200

Image B

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